How to Love, grow and flow through the Corona virus lockdown

Updated: Apr 27

Hi guys and girls , I hope you're all keeping safe and healthy in these strange times.

I don't know about you but the social distancing has impacted me the most not seeing my loved ones and even little interactions with strangers have hit me pretty hard, I'm a very social person and it feels like it has all been cut off. I'm sure you all have aspects that you're finding more difficult than others to deal with, not least the possibilty of losing loved ones. We have put together a list of somethings that we are using to help us get through, and we hope you can pick up some help from them too.

Obviously, everyone is doing their utmost to keep their immune system and health in top notch at the moment to avoid the virus and following government guidelines, washing our hands etc.

But how are we managing our inner and mental health?

These days we are all more aware of our diet and even if we are not always following a strictly healthy lifestyle, we are still more aware than ever. But how aware are we of what's good for our mind and our energy bodies??

Now mental health these days is thankfully more prevalent and we are more aware than ever of problems it can pose. However what can we do, especially in these difficult times, when our hobbies, our habits and most of our lifestyles have been thrown into disarray, to help alleviate any problems it may throw up.

None of these tips are a replacement for professional mental or physical health issues, just tips we try to practice :)

Well, the first step is to not see it as disarray or times of dispair. Look for the positives, see it as an opportunity. We may never again have time and the freedom, yes freedom - I know that sounds weird in a lockdown but freedom to learn about ourselves, perhaps how to deal with situations and triggers in our lives without distractions which can all lead to mental health problems. Also practicing meditation and working with your chakras and energies in this time can calm you and help with the current situation.

We are going to be running live online sessions via our instagram and facebook page working on techniques and using meditation in the very near future. But I'd like to give a few points that have been helping us personally.

Our 7 top tips dos and don'ts for a healthy mind body and soul in the lockdown:

1. Meditation! Meditate as much as you can and don't stress about this there is no right or wrong. Just taking 5 mins out to sit in quietness and breathing can work wonders for your nervous system and even your immune system. You can also join our online sessions or some of the wonderful guided online offerings.

We can also help you in one-on-one practices to learn to go deeper for even better results .

2. Nature Nature Nature ! Obviously we are limited to outdoor time, but try as much as you possibly can to find some outdoor space that isn't the supermarket. This helps with grounding your energy. If you can particularly near the water or the forest. The calming energy will help soothe you and also the fresh air obviously works wonders alternatively if you have a garden try to spend some quiet time out there where possible.

3. Be mindful of the content you allow in. We have a tendency to stick the tv on and watch anything that comes on and because we have so much time, minutes cant slip into hours. This can be particularly damaging especially with the constant news bulletins on corona virus and lots of negative news reports. This can sub-consciously implant itself into our brain, especially when it is on in the background as your mind will pick up on the buzz words and the headlines which can cause feelings of anxiety or negativity. Try to allocate time to specific tv or radio and also read as much as you can. Be more conscious of what you're putting on or picking up.

4. Stay connected. With the tech at our disposal these days connecting with friends, family and work colleagues as much as possible is vital, it is also much easier so take time to do this . It's very easy to start feeling isolated so picking up the phone is a great way to check in and have human interaction. Also always feel free to reach out to us :)

5. Step away from social media or don't! Now this is a tricky one and applies to everyday life not just now. You have to find a balance with social media that works for you and does not hinder your life or create negative thought patterns. We regularly hold discussions on this topic and try to help people learn to utilise social media for the great tool it is without letting it take over their lives. It's fairly simple if it does'nt make you feel good put it down! set your self time limits or days off to help with this. It can be great tool or your worst enemy but you get too choose what it is to you.

6. Keeping a healthy diet. It's important to have a healthy mind, body and soul and with not being able to burn as many calories or release toxins, what you put in your body at this time is of utmost importance. Fresh fruit and veg, lots of vitamin C leading the way of course! Also try to cut back on the indulgent stuff where you can. But be realistic, don't punish yourself, just be conscious.

7. Most importantly go on a self journey do the things that make you happy. Start the new project you wanted to, go back to things that made you happy in the past ( I do not mean ex relationships btw haha)

If that means watching films all day or just chilling, do it. Don't feel guilty just be mindful of how it's making you feel. Really check in with yourself as often as possible, learn to understand what makes you feel good and what makes you feel bad. These times are difficult, respect them for what they are, take care of your mind, body and soul and perhaps even enjoy this time.


See you all on the other side Love H


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