The Dream Conspiracy

Dreaming, as we refer to it especially in the western world, isn’t  what we think it is, Just a succession of ideas and visualisations involuntarily produced whilst sleeping. In actual fact it’s a highly altered state of consciousness where you are connected to the collective, the source, and are able to access shared thought and visit alternate timelines and dimensions. You also have direct access to the subconscious mind.  

The term ‘dreaming’ has widely been given to this state as a way of detaching you from its real power! Dreaming is to wish or imagine something, usually good, into your life. 

The state of consciousness we enter during sleep is far more in-depth. We can feel physical sensations and emotions such as love, fear, passion and sometimes even cry. Now what makes this state any less real than the woke state we are in? When you understand your inner world and the fact that our bodies are merely something we inhabit for this human experience, it becomes even clearer. But we will save that topic for another day. Deepak  Chopra has an excellent book and insight into this. I urge you to read Metahuman. 

Many other cultures understand the power of their dreams, for instance, the first business of the day in a Native American village was to share your dreams as these were messages from the spirits and the deeper self, and might contain guidance for the village as well as the individual. These cultures, as well as many others, believe that in dreams we routinely travel beyond the body and the limits of time and space, can visit the future or the past, and may enter the realms of the departed and spiritual teachers on higher levels. The Mohawk word atetshents, which literally means “one who dreams,” is also the term for a doctor or shaman.

Now the conspiracy; I believe these facts have been taken away from us. The phrase ‘to dream’ has been hijacked to interpret something that is not real and through programming the adaption of our sleep cycle, which by the way is not right for humans, the 8 hour sleep cycle in one go does not encourage strong dreaming and is not in actual fact the way the body is designed to rest. The calcification of the pineal gland, the over usage of blue light devices especially before bed, E.M.F waves and the total lack of science on dreams - I’ve read many a paper claiming they have no meaning or we will never understand dreams. This for me is unacceptable for something we all participate in every night of our lives ! 

So, what I say to all of you is don’t dismiss this magic we have at our disposal every night. Learn to harness the power of your dreams, practice it every night knowing the power they hold! 

Here are some tips for more powerful experiences 

1.     Turn off all blue light devices an hour before bed 

2.     Turn off all EMF devices 

3.     Use a note book to jot down your dreams 

4.     Decalcify your pineal gland (lots of good articles on this out there)

5.     Practice lucid dreaming 

6.     Use binaural beats to enhance brain activity 

I hope these help. The real power of dreams has been held back from us for hundreds of years. In this time of ascession, we are all moving towards a higher consciousness. By harnessing your dreams you may find it easier to attain and also learn a lot about yourself and the universe we live in! So, look forward to sleep time. It’s truly a gift for you to visit other dimensions and connect directly to source. 

Happy sleeping ️


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