The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Updated: May 22

Early mornings are just the most magical of things for me, Now i am not talking about when you are getting up early for work with one eye half shut hair a mess and getting on the tube, or trying to focus on work with the smell of last nights montepulciano still on your breath.

I mean those day off mornings when you set your alarm because you want to get up go for a walk and catch the sunrise,The fresh air invigorates your body and your mind.

It is perfectly acceptable to say hello or good morning to passers by without them thinking your weird ( i mean i do it at all hours but perhaps the majority of society would call me weird)

And as your walking and the sunlight catches the morning dew and the animals look at you as if to say what the f*** are you doing out at this time . The energy and vigor it gives you for the day is incredible,It clears your mind and by adding hours to your day it literally gives you more life (in this physical dimension anyway). Then to top it off you arrive back home before most people are even out of bed and you have a sense of achievement with the whole day still ahead. I tend to see lots of people out in the day time but they are not in the present moment they are walking or jogging and not taking any time to just be, And it's so important to do this, I find early morning there are less distractions and you can fully connect with your surroundings and nature which helps to ground you and shift your perspective.

So if your feeling slightly out of tune the lockdown is getting to you or just want to set your day up in the right way i urge you to set that alarm pre sunrise brave it and get out there, because it's true what they say the early bird really does catch the worm or the weirdo

inspired by a 5 am sunrise meditation and all the animal friends on my morning walk love you all 




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