The light will shine on!

I spend a lot of time watching the sunrise and sunset the beauty and the simplicity of it never cease to amaze me.In the morning as the sun comes up and all of the colours of the spectrum are displayed as we come from darkness into light and the day begins.

As the sun reaches it's high point when its light is at its purest and most intense,It then begins to fall going back through the reverse process back to darkness, But in actual fact the light of the sun never goes out, it is only our perception and position that change and everyday without fail then sun will rise again and the light will return.

As humans we go through similar patterns.We have have highs where our light shines at its brightest then we have times of darkness and we may struggle with things that come our way. This is normal it is the pattern of life and we must remember that our position and our perception will change and our light will return because just like the sun it never goes out.

So no matter what you may be going through or how difficult times may be, your light will return its eternal and our spirit will go on lots of love to you all





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